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Structure and function of parking management system (3)
Date :2022-09-22

Last time we introduced to you the application of smart road studs in expressway service areas, this time we will share them closely.

The highway service area parking management system structure based on smart solar road studs. The solar smart road studs in the collection and distribution lanes are used to detect whether there are vehicles passing through the lanes, and the vehicle type is preliminarily determined through the road stud gateway. The above data is provided by the service area road solar studs. After the gateway is collected, it is analyzed and judged by the parking management system of the service area to determine the vacant number of parking spaces, and feed the data to the smart road stud gateway of the collection and distribution lane. The smart road stud gateway of the collection and distribution lane sends a control command to the solar smart road stud, and the smart road stud changes The color of the flashing indicator light guides the vehicle to enter the corresponding parking space. The corresponding parking zone spike and gateway also make corresponding control changes according to the location of the vehicle and the location of the vacant parking space to guide the vehicle to park in place. After the vehicle is parked in place, the color of the parking stud indicator changes to the occupied state, and the status is uploaded to the service area parking management system. The service area parking management system publishes the free parking space data to the service area road variable information information board to remind the past Pay attention to the driver of the van.

During the traffic peak period, the parking management system in the service area can be linked with the road monitoring system to feed back the number of parking spaces to the entire road section in time. If necessary, the free parking space data can be released on the entire road section. The smart road studs set in the parking space can not only judge the occupancy of the parking space, but also detect whether the car model and the parking standard are standard. Release to the manager’s terminal, and the manager will make corrections.

The main technical points and reference of system realization

At present, the release of monitoring information for highways in my country is basically controlled by the monitoring central control room of the road management sub-center. After some new construction or reconstruction of the highway, an independent display system is installed in the service area. In view of this situation and combined with the highway service area The installation and application experience, the technical points that should be grasped in the construction of new and existing expressways are as follows:

First of all, the smooth communication route, according to the needs of the system to realize the function, should ensure the reliable transmission of information from the service area to the central control room, so that the parking information can be transmitted to the central control room monitoring and management system in time, and then released by the central control room according to the situation. In order to reduce the investment, you can borrow the spare optical fiber of the monitoring system or the communication system, and test the various indicators of the optical fiber before use, and the results meet the relevant requirements.

System software compatibility and function realization, this parking management system adopts open design ideas, provides data interface specifications and various APIs, and can also be better compatible with the monitoring and management platforms commonly used in expressways. When the system functions are realized, it is necessary to According to the settings in the original software platform: the priority of variable information transmission, automatic and manual functions, etc., optimize, and better serve the management of the service area under the premise of ensuring the priority of important information. Sufficient warning signs need to be set up in the service area. It is best to set up a small variable information board at the entrance of the collection and distribution lane to remind the driver to pay attention, such as: “Please follow the guidance of the green road stud” and so on. The system has just begun to be constructed, and a slightly larger number of ground staff need to be arranged for manual command. After three months of operation, the driver will gradually accept that the number of staff can be reduced.

Experimental research shows that the highway service area parking management system based on intelligent road studs provided by this scheme has the advantages of saving existing investment, environmental protection and energy saving, and creatively applying the intelligent road studs and light guidance system technology of geomagnetic measurement to high-speed Highway, the highway monitoring system and the service area parking lot system are integrated, which not only reduces the construction cost of the system, but also effectively manages the parking spaces of the parking lot, which effectively improves the utilization rate of the highway service area parking lot during the peak period. Improve the service quality of the service area. The system can realize multi-machine interconnection, and use Bluetooth technology to realize equipment networking, fault diagnosis, parameter setting, function upgrade and other functions.